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A snack at Zàini Milano

A retrò-flavored break a few steps from Corso Como

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In the hyper-modern area of Corso Como a corner of the old Milan still survives untarnished. If the whole neighborhood bewitches the eyes with all the things new, there’s a place that also bewitches the heart. We’re talking about Zaini Milano, a chocolate shop opened in 2013 by Luigi and Antonella Zaini, to celebrate the centenary of the foundation of the homonym chocolate factory, the oldest in town, in 1913 by family patriarch Luigi Zaini.


If you are looking for sweets, chocolate bars, pralines, marmalades and more, Zaini will always be the perfect answer. On the shop’s shelves you’ll find, upon entering, Zaini’s beautiful vintage tin cans, all lined up to greet you. On the exposition tables, instead, cakes and muffins reign among all the other products of the huge catalogue. But at Zaini you don’t buy only chocolate: you can eat it too. And this is what makes Zaini the perfect spot for a small afternoon break.

Zaini Milano | Cioccolata calda

Teas, cocktails and, above all, the mythical hot chocolate are the big players of a snack at Zaini. But the true richness is in the accompanying desserts. Let’s start with the small ones, those irresistible pastries glancing at you from their crystal cases: squares of chocolate cake garnished with a fresh raspberry, the puff pastry cannons filled with cocoa mousse or, if you like fruity flavors, the incredible mini-tartes or the canneles in the two versions of dark chocolate and hot milk chocolate with berries. If you feel romantic, try the strawberries dipped in dark chocolate. Under the transparent cloches, cakes and muffins invite you to keep on tasting.


The best thing is that recipes and preparations, especially coffee and chocolate-wise, constantly evolve based on the season. Zaini is no regular bar with programmed options but a place where even a capuccino or a hot chocolate can become something special: pair them with the sourdough-made brioche that you can dip in a delicious chocolate cream or the cakes made with ancient recipes, jealously kept by the Zaini family for generations.


A break at Zaini is what you need to revive your afternoon. Go away from the noisy crowd of Corso Como and, only walking a few steps, you’ll travel back to the old-time Milan, the refined Milan of a century ago, full of excellencies and craftsmanship.


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