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Al Cantinone

The finest taste of the Milanese tradition

In Milan modern trends hide behind every step, sip and bite : fine lofts loaded with rare art objects, where we sip  seaweed-infused martinis; glass rooftops serving dishes that resemble a Kandinskij painting, or, Lord have mercy, molecular cuisine. Do not misunderstand us, we love it as much as you do, but sometimes it seems that we are all part of a crazy race on who is best at defying tradition. It seems the right time to slow down and rediscover authenticity. We rediscovered it with Trattoria Al Cantinone.

Al Cantinone | Direzione

Al Cantinone is a Milanese historic restaurant, a real hidden treasure, ironically, in the least expected of places: the Duomo. You could stumble upon it while wandering in the quaint streets behind La Rinascente. Once you step inside you will be greeted by a warm, intimate atmosphere: candle lights, dark wooden furniture, impeccably laden tables.


About the dishes, Al Cantinone you will find a great variety of foods: you could pick the traditional Milanese dishes or try a specialty of the house. Our personal favorites include the airy Parmesan mousse, the freshly made pasta, and the veal ossobuco with Milanese-style risotto on the side, cooked in perfect accordance with antique recipes. And, if this wasn’t enough, the winter-menu special risotto with blue cheese, black truffle and honey, with its balanced flavour and perfect al dente cooking, brought tears to our eyes.

Al Cantinone | Foto d'epoca

Decades ago the most daring thinkers and creatives of the city were sitting in these same chairs after an opera at La Scala, and now here you are, lingering around even if it’s night, lost in thought or in deep conversation over a glass of fragrant Sicilian wine. This place will witness your secrets, life stories and laughter, maintaining the remarkable tradition of human connection over one of the best gastronomic experiences Milan has to offer – and that, to me, is a trend that will never fade.

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