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Animo: the new multifunctional event space in Milan by MAG Cafè

A multifaceted microcosm that never stops, a fun base camp

Ready for yet another gimmick of Flavio Angiolillo & Co.? After the poker of mixology temples with which they invaded the city, the crew thought it well to bring to life another concept that goes hand in hand with that of tailor-made catering. What initially had been a warehouse to collect materials, now bears the name of Animo and is the new multifunctional event space in the Navigli area, which transforms itself – also aesthetically – at almost the same speed with which Feliks Zemdegs moves and solves the cube by Rubik.

Animo: il nuovo spazio eventi polifunzionale a Milano firmato MAG Cafe

Between 1930s speakeasy, gastronomic airports, quality drinks and cocktails that have the flavor of foreign and local cultures and traditions, with the MAG Cafè, the 1930 Speakeasy, Backdoor43 and Iter we thought of having already seen everything. Now, however, the situation becomes even more interesting.

Animo: il nuovo spazio eventi polifunzionale a Milano firmato MAG Cafe

Once you enter Animo, the feeling that will pervade you will be similar to that of a deja vù: if you have already been in some (or all) of the Angiolillo squad premises, or you are even used to it, you will certainly recognize a piece of each of their other properties. The furniture here is the result of a union, of a “recycling” of objects and furniture that enter and leave MAG Cafe, 1930, Backdoor43 and Iter. The view, then, can only be enraptured by the walls covered with colorful wallpapers: rigorously created by hand. They can be replaced with the patterns you prefer, so as to become the ideal background for the shoot you have planned, or to adapt to the mood of the occasion you have to celebrate.

Animo: il nuovo spazio eventi polifunzionale a Milano firmato MAG Cafe

At Animo, in fact, functionality, ad hoc services and good drinking converge – ça va sans dire – and its nature is extremely changeable precisely to adapt to the needs of each individual customer. Take, then, a private event, a photo shoot, a special aperitif, a bartender or cooking course, a meeting, a masterclass, a presentation of a clothing line or any commercial product (to be launched or already a success makes no difference): know that, from the first to the last, they can be made at number 35 in via Argelati. Like? By renting the location only or by getting 360 ° help in the organization by the Angiolillo squad, which provides art and knowledge (plus a great deal of patience!).

Animo: il nuovo spazio eventi polifunzionale a Milano firmato MAG Cafe

All you have to do is simply get in touch with the guys in the crew, make your wish and agree on time and day, – and maybe an imaginative drink list with the Mixologist to leave the guests speechless. Rest assured that everything will be exactly as you imagined it. Small tip: take a look at the masterclasses that the staff offers on social media; in full Mag Family style, they are organized periodically and could give you interesting ideas for the next occasions.

Animo: il nuovo spazio eventi polifunzionale a Milano firmato MAG Cafe

In short, this place knows no stopping moments, and has been designed to be a base camp, a perfect setting that hosts your desires, your desire to learn, your ambitions but above all your desire for fun. To you!


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