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The Best Cocktail Bars in Milan

Our guide to the best cocktails the city has to offer

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Ok. Let’s do this. We’ll be honest, no matter what. It wasn’t easy to rank the best cocktail bars in Milan, but we did it.

Whether you’re a traditionalist looking for the perfect Negroni or a fearless drinker eager for something new, is here to help you find the cocktail bar that best suits your tastes and your style.

So, dear friends here is the Mecca of Milanese Mixology. A definitive guide of the best cocktail bars in Milan.


Via Giovenale, 7

Migliori Cocktail Bar Milano


A few steps from the waters of the Navigli and Porta Ticinese, Officina Milano welcomes its patrons in an evocative time capsule, a Milanese cocktail bar where the author’s mixology is intertwined with a refined vintage soul and cosmopolitan inspirations. Inserted among the World’s Best Bars , this sign echoing a refined New York loft reveals a large backlit counter with a rich bottle bottle, in which spirits and quality labels are the protagonists of an exceptional drink list, including Signature cocktails, international mixes and daring combinations. Be inspired by the local mixology for an unforgettable toast.

1930 Speakeasy

Secret Location

1930 Speakeasy

We feel bad kicking off our list with this one, but there are only a few things we can tell you about 1930 Speakeasy. All we can say is that the boys from MAG Café have created an even more exclusive, intimate outpost with knockout cocktails. Like an authentic Milanese-style Speakeasy, everyone has heard of it, but only a select few know where it is. With exclusive elegance and refinement in a location that transports you back to 1930, you can only consider yourself a real Milanese cocktail expert once you’ve managed to sneak in here. Good luck!

Nottingham Forest

Viale Piave, 1

Nottingham Forest Cocktail


No list of the best cocktail bars in Milan is complete without Nottingham Forest. A consistent top-dog on the list of the World’s 50 Best Bars, this place is a mecca of mixology, a cathedral to the cocktail, and a bonafide laboratory of libations. Mad genius Dario Comini and his creations continuously push the envelope. Your cocktail might come served in a sneaker, a miniature bathtub, or maybe even a skull to add an eccentric twist to the classics. If you somehow manage to get a seat inside, let the bar staff surprise you.


Via Alfredo Cappellini, 25

I Migliori Cocktail Analcolici da provare a Milano e Dintorni


If you want a venue that catalyzes the eye and captivates with its dishes and cocktails Moebius is what you are looking for. For an aperitif or an after-dinner drink, the venue presents a constantly evolving drink list in which respect for mixing legends and inventiveness allow its barmen to reinterpret institutions such as the Negroni and the Americano by pairing them with the Rock City cocktail and the Balutin cocktail, respectively. Each drink is prepared, or perhaps we could say designed, following the seasonality of the products, however, it never lacks that original and unexpected quid. Some examples? Beet married to horseradish, coffee with passion fruit or squid ink together with lemon and maracuja. Proposals that reflect the soul of the restaurant, simple and refined. Moebius, however, is not only a cocktail bar, it is also a bistro and vinyl store, a unique place and undoubtedly one of the best and unmissable cocktail bars in Milan.

Mandarin Garden

Via Andegari, 9


Beating heart of Mandarin Oriental luxury hotel, Mandarin Garden is an oasis of sophistication and elegance that is unrivalled in the metropolis. A magical atmosphere hovers between the interior rooms and the lush garden of the hotel’s courtyard, which draws guests from reality to catapult them into a world where everything is granted. The backdrop to your fancy nights at Mandarin Garden will be the contemporary design of furniture and an absolute privacy, not to mention the pleasant contemporary music that will provide the ideal soundtrack of your chilled moments. The food offer is curated by double Michelin starred Antonio Guida and is accompanied by a selection of refined signature cocktails themed “around the world”, which will take you from London to San Francisco, through Suez, Hong Kong, Yokohama and many others.

Rita & Cocktails

Via A. Fumagalli, 1

Rita & Cocktails


A Navigli institution, Rita’s offers a spirited menu, great vibes, and Milanese style with no frills. Founded in 2002 by Edoardo Nono and Gianluca Chiaruttini, Rita & Cocktails continues to be a landmark for modern mixology in Italy and beyond. This bar satisfies its guests through simplicity, high-quality cocktails, and an eclectic cuisine with ingredients that continue to please both past and present customers for over 16 years. The signature cocktail is the GinZen, a fresh and spicy drink based on crushed ginger, lime, and gin. You have to try it at least once!

Kilburn Cocktail Bar

Via Panfilo Castaldi, 25


A proper British lounge with a Milanese soul, this cocktail bar is home to quality Mixology. Its collection of spirits boasts over 200 niche labels, including vodka, rum, whiskey, and gin in a unique taste journey through their signature cocktails. The food doesn’t trail far behind either, as their love of good food translates to their dishes and is sure to amaze you. Enjoy meats from the best local butchers at the aperitivo and dinner. Kilburn offers one of the most unique drink experiences in the city.

Scott Bar

Viale Bianca Maria, 4


Scott Bar is the elegant drinking destination of Bianca Maria Palace Hotel, a stone’s throw from Piazza V Giornate. Opened since 2021, the cocktail bar is gaining a prominent position among the best cocktail bars in Milan, thanks to a perfect harmony between design and visual appeal, a high-end food & drink offer and the scrupulous attention to detail that characterizes the management of this important international hotel complex in Milan. Between essential oil-colored seats, neon installations and a counter with an exquisite retro taste, Scott Bar welcomes you in your new metropolitan place to be. In the summer, you can’t miss a visit to the beautiful outdoor areas, where you can peacefully enjoy the excellent creations of bartender Davide Resmini.

MAG Cafè

Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 43

Mag Cafè


Mag Cafè is not a place, but rather a state of mind. It’s much like Milan: crowded, yet offers you hidden corners of peace away from the chaos of the city. This is the kind of place where you can start a conversation just by looking at the decor, suspended in time where one goal is clear: to guarantee the best possible drink experience for the guests. The drink list changes every six months, so we advise to not postpone your next visit for long. The bar’s antique furniture was donated from an old Argentinian pharmacy. All in all, it’s just what the doctor ordered.

Milord Milano

Piazza Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Bar MIlano Ottobre


Making customers feel like in their own livingroom, but served by expert bartenders until late at night: this is the philosophy of Cristian Lodi, owner of Milord. In his very unique place, tables and armchairs salvaged from antique markets show up everywhere, vintage signs and old radios open the curtain on the venue’s soul, the large and well-stocked bar where the staff prepares Milord’s elegant signature cocktails. Common denominator of all preparations is research, quality raw materials and a mix of classic and unusual ingredients, to please both eyes and taste buds. For the lovers of great classics, the venue also offers more popular cocktails such as spritz and a selection of bubbles, including some champagne labels. With its 400 square meters of space, Milord is a great candidate for your next party; what are you waiting for? Wouldn’t it be better to try it first?


Piazza Alvar Aalto

I Cocktail Bar e le Enoteche a Milano da Provare ad Ottobre


Mag and kinship aficionados (Mag Navigli, Mag La Pusterla, Iter, 1930, Backdoor 43 and Mercato Centrale) here is bread for your teeth. Tripstillery is the new address in Milan signed by Flavio Angiolillo & Co., a unique and fascinating place where, in addition to sipping excellent mixology classics and always surprising signature blends, you will have the opportunity to create your own distillate. That’s right, nothing less than a miniature distillery awaits you at Tripstillery to transform yourself, for a day, into an expert distiller. If you are already familiar with the other venues of Mag Group, then you will know that there is no sace for boredom here and no end to novelty. At Tripstillery you will find attention to detail, meticulous staff training and the use of the highest quality, hand-selected and artisan-sourced raw materials.


Via Orti, 4

Lacerba Milano Bancone


One of our personal favorites, Lacerba effortlessly matches anything New York or London has to offer in terms of precision and innovation but checks their ego at the door. Inspired by the Futurist magazine of the same name, Lacerba’s menu favors bewildering flavors, unexpected combinations, and inventive updates on old classics. It all adds up to a dizzyingly great experience, or maybe we should just slow down with the Sazeracs.


Via Marcello Malpighi, 7

Eppol Milano


Eppol wouldn’t feel out of place in Williamsburg or Shoreditch. With a bar that comes finished in exquisite marble and dark wood, surrounded by exposed brick and a garden wall, it’s the perfect blend of elegance and grunge. The cocktails are authentic yet brilliantly balanced, and it’s what’s inside your glass, not the glass itself or the garnish, that’s the main focus of this place.


Via Melzo, 28



Eppolino is the baby of the Eppol family. Small yes, but with all the potential of a “place to be” on bustling Via Melzo. Entering this little piece of Milanese Mexico is like getting lost in a short parade for Día de los Muertos: color, cheerfulness and lots of Mexican skulls. Choose your drink from an original deck of tarot cards and rest assured, Tequila, Mezcal and all the other Mexican spirits served at the venue are of the highest quality and carefully crafted to make up surprising and unique blends. What are you waiting for? Come take a trip to Eppolino’s and discover that perhaps El Dorado is not so far away, nor is it legendary.

Pinch – Spirits & Kitchen

Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 63

Pinch Cocktail Milano


Another quirky vintage bar in Navigli, walking into Pinch’s parlor feels like going back in time to the golden age of the 1940s. Everything from the vintage furniture, sepia-tone photographs, and eccentric staff uniforms help to create the feeling that you’ve traveled not only back in time, but out of Navigli and into Prohibition-era America. Let the bar staff in their snazzy vests whip you up something that not only looks spectacular but will take your breath away.


Via Corsico, 12

Ugo Navigli


Ugo publicly calls itself ‘’The Unusual Bar.’’ Great! Who wants to be “normal” anyway? The décor, complete with old tennis racquets, candelabras, and tea sets, looks like a scene straight out of the early 20th Century. Meanwhile, the cocktail list blends a wide range of classics, with some intriguing (or should I say ‘’unusual’’) modern concoctions.


Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 43

Backdoor 43


Another mysterious offering from the boys of MAG Cafè, Backdoor43 calls itself the smallest bar in the world. Knock on the window and Mr. V, the only Mixologist in town that wears a mask, will make you a takeaway cocktail. You can’t ask any questions, you can’t try to open the window, and you must leave once you get your cocktail. Unless, of course, you’ve managed to secure the room for two hours. Backdoor43 has room for only 4 people at a time, so choose your friends wisely!

The Doping Club

Piazza Ventiquattro Maggio, 8

The Doping Club at The Yard Hotel - Milano


The Doping Club in the Yard Hotel offers an experience that makes you feel like a dapper English gentleman. The Doping Club serves refined, dandy-themed cocktails that pack a punch. Only a few know that, inside The Doping Club, there’s another one of the city’s excellent concepts: the Wootsu Society. The name refers to one of the oldest secret societies in Asia, while the atmosphere is a dark whirlwind that makes guests feel nostalgic. To join Wootsu, you have to get on Mr. Lee’s good side.


Via Tiraboschi, 2

Dhole - Milano


A Mixology cocktail bar and restaurant with Asian influences, Dhole takes daring ingredients and flavors from the East and translates them in their drinks. Enjoy these exotic flavors and combinations from across the globe while surrounded by chic wallpaper, furniture, and soft lighting.


Via Mario Fusetti, 1

Iter - Milano


Iter is the first fusion cocktail bar in Milan by Nicola Scarnera and (again) Flavio Angiolillo & Co, with a nomadic soul that takes guests from Italy to the world. In fact, every six months, the team of chefs, bartenders, and photographers pack their suitcases and travel to another country for a week of exploring culinary cultures and traditions to reinterpret them back in Milan. The proposed menus, therefore, are a real gastronomic ‘’airport’’ full of peculiar combinations that transport you to the exotic location itself.

Elite by Kilburn

Via Panfilo Castaldi, 35

Elite by Kilburn


Milan welcomes the second sparkling sign by Ennio Lettera and Alessio di Falco, explosive duo of entrepreneurs that we have already seen at work behind the counter of the famous Kilburn Milano, just a few steps away from the newcomer. Elite, sushi & cocktail club, matches a high-level seafood cuisine with an equally wonderful drink offer from which wine is banned (except for some fine label of Champagne), because the protagonists of the dinner, designed to enhance the freshness of the fish, are the elegant drinks of Kilburn, professionally mixed by Alessio and his staff. With a refined and aristocratic look, Elite will make you feel part of a unique experience in the city.


Via Aristotile Fioravanti, 4


A guest at the charming five-star hotel VIU, Bulk is the mixology food & bar that embellishes the eclectic Chinatown. With a life all in all independent from the organization of the hotel, Bulk was born from the mind of the starred chef Giancarlo Morelli, who baptised it with the name of the social center that once stood on its foundations. The message is clear, passing through the elegant furnishings that do not border on excessive formality and the friendliness of the staff, everybody’s free to enter this place. Perfect for a brunch with friends, a business lunch or a classy after dinner with your partner, Bulk will pamper you with an original and quality drink list, matched by the level of the kitchen, which you can see at work directly from your table.

Bar Basso

Via Plinio, 39

Bar Basso


2016 was a rough year. We lost some incredible pioneers in art, music, literature, and mixology. Bar Basso’s chief barman, Mirko Stocchetto, may have left us in November, but his world-famous concoction, the Negroni Sbagliato, lives on. Rumor has it that Stocchetto accidentally mixed prosecco in a Negroni instead of gin, but when he tasted it, he realized he was onto something. Stocchetto started serving his Negroni Sbagliato made to order with a single large ice cube in a tall glass in Venice. Order two Sbagliati: one for yourself and one for Mirko.

The Spirit

Via Piacenza, 15

The Spirit - Milano


Dark velvet sofas, light fixtures, mirrors, and a mahogany counter fill the main hall, while the second room combines velvet curtains and large tables. The Spirit is a bar and club with a charming retro taste that’s perfect for a drink. Here, you can enjoy some exclusive benefits, such as reserving a section of a room, participating in special events, enjoying “luxury” bottles, and taking advantage of tailor-made drink services.


Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 12



Tucked away in a hidden corner of Navigli, GinO12 (attached to the restaurant Officina 12) is one of the best places in Milan to enjoy a gin and tonic, or gin-inspired cocktail. With its long metallic bar and exposed red brick walls, GinO12 feels like more like Manhattan than Milan. The only problem here is trying to narrow down your choice of gin from the impressively wide selection of gins from all around the world.

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