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Christmas at Zàini Milano

What Christmas would be without chocolate?

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The more we grow and the less we feel the Christmas spirit. Difficult to enter the Christmas atmosphere when you have to squeeze the holidays in a very short work week. Fortunately, there is a place where Christmas keeps all its magic: Zàini Milano. We have already talked about this chocolate shop that bears the name of the founder of the oldest chocolate factory in the city, but when Christmas comes everything changes and Christmas at Zàini definitely deserves to be told.

Zaini - Milano

In order to evoke a sensation as best as possible, to recall a suggestion or a scenario, the key is the details. Those little things that maybe we do not even notice and instead our brain registers. You can decorate the tree in the living room and hang garlands all over the house, but it is the details that create the meaning of Christmas, that trepidation and joy that precedes the parties and that you felt as children, looking at the presents under the tree, discarding them when the moment arrived. And that’s what you need for your Christmas, those little things that create wonder and pleasure and make you forget that you’re an adult.

Zaini - Milano

The atmosphere must be created in such a way that it does not seem like a simple decoration: it must seem to be reality itself. The beauty of the Christmas period is that the whole world, for a few weeks, seems to change. Everything that surrounds you, each gift you give, every ornament, the little sweet that can make a child happy, everything must exude the air of Christmas. Let’s take the advent calendar, for example. The ones that Zàini produces are real cardboard houses, which reproduce the building itself, with a chocolate behind every window. A small concentrate of Christmas atmosphere: they combine in a single object decoration, gift and dessert.

Zaini - Milano

This is precisely the point: Zàini’s desserts are good, but they are also beautiful. The same could be said for the chocolate bars to hang on the tree, or for the nativity scenes made with gelée candy or the gingerbread houses in glass jars that can become delicious table-centerers. When the imagination in the kitchen and the design meet, the result is superior to the simple sum of the parts: it has its own identity, a personality that goes beyond the patisserie or objects for your home but becomes a piece of us.


If you simply want to buy a gift, choosing to do it at Zaini can be the way to compose a special gift box, tailored to surprise the recipient by meeting his tastes. You can give a whole box of chocolate bars in the Christmas limited edition, each with a different flavor. Or a huge biscuit in the shape of a tree, perhaps even the usual panettone, which by Zaini is cooked only with natural ingredients and mother yeast. Or compose a special package, filling the beautiful jute bags, crates and even picnic baskets with the one that suits you best.

Zaini - Milano

If you just want to enjoy a relaxing break, Zaini is also perfect for a snack, surrounded by garlands hanging from the ancient shelves of the early century, including panettoni, pine branches and cute teddy bears. A cup of hot chocolate with added cream in this enchanted world, perhaps accompanied by a hazelnut tartlet or a fruit dessert, is what it takes to give you the right boost.

Zaini Milano | Cioccolata calda

Because the real strength of Zaini is to have created a space that perfectly reflects the values ​​of its product: a refinement that is combined with the elegance of the past while moving towards the future.


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