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Corporate dinner in Milan: 10 places to go

The best locations within reach to host a successful evening

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In September, office doors reopen, and you’re met with new and old colleagues, activities and commitments, endless meetings and necessary coffee breaks. But not all that glitters is work. The company dinner is likely fast approaching, and it’s the perfect occasion to toast your return from the long-gone holidays.

So, how do you find the right location to fit the tastes of your colleagues and boss? We’ll guide you through, with varied dishes that will try to meet any preferences, with the highest expectations and an insatiable curiosity for the evolution of Milanese food & drinks.

In Milan, luckily for you, the options are wide and varied. From historic stops full of charm with cuisine that shows off the main courses of the Lombard tradition, to minimal and refined environments with soft light, there’s something for everyone.

For the most refined palates, a starlit dinner will not disappoint, thanks to dishes designed with high quality ingredients and made to be enjoyed with all five senses in beautiful locations. And for those who have strong carnivorous preferences, Milan does not disappoint. Brigades of exceptional talent in the handling of fresh ingredients will bring the scents of the Mediterranean Sea and the flavors of the national valleys, right to your table.

If it has always been your forte to amaze and you’re hoping for an “office proof” guaranteed success, here are our 10 recommendations for a company dinner that your boss will not soon forget.


Piazza della Repubblica, 20

PanEVO - The Westin Palace Milan

A restaurant on the ground floor of the sumptuous five-star hotel Westin Palace Milan, PanEVO celebrates the Italian territory through the combination of genuine ingredients. Bread and extra virgin olive oil are the stars here – characterized by the simplicity and perfection of a cuisine from the mind of Chef Augusto Tombolato. It’s a refined and well-designed environment, with a cosmopolitan appeal. The suspension lamps by Achille Castiglioni and the wood with warm and encouraging tones indicate the level of detail. PanEVO represents the perfect setting for a corporate dinner with a refined and elegant taste, where glasses of wine and bubbles will make your charming toasts just right.


Via Mike Bongiorno, 13

Ristorante Berton

If you are looking for a starry atmosphere, Ristorante Berton, in the beating heart of Porta Nuova, is the perfect choice for your dinner. It’s a modern and bright location, characterized by clean lines and large windows overlooking the buildings of one of the most futuristic neighborhoods in the city. The menu tells the story of Chef Andrea Berton, who, starting from the broth, creates elegant and essential courses, to delight your taste buds (and pupils). To make the dinner even more exclusive, there is an open kitchen. You get to follow step by step, as true spectators of a cooking show.


Via Laghetto, 2

Tencitt - Milano

This is a chameleon-like destination where you can get lost and find yourself every time you return. This is Spazio Tencitt, a place dedicated to private events, perfect for your corporate dinner away from the usual spots. Once an ancient charcoal burner of the Duomo factory, now renovated, it has kept the fascinating barrel vault and exposed bricks. There is also a long rectangular table that manages to accommodate up to forty people at the same time. (a corporate dinner dream). The staff are ready to offer you a unique meal that will leave everyone speechless. So, let yourself be welcomed by the warm and soft light of the rooms, and take a seat in this secret tavern of Milan.


Via Manzoni 12/A


A large patio provides access to one of the restaurants preferred by lovers of Milanese history. Don Lisander – an affectionate Milanese nickname for Alessandro Manzoni – is the reference par excellence of the city that loves to meet for dinner within the walls of what was once the Chapel of Palazzo Trivulzio. Atmospheres of the past where, since 1947, the best classics of Lombard cuisine can be tasted, including seats in shades of green and gold and dark wooden tables. Those who have the opportunity – on request – to visit the historic cellar will be left speechless by the wine list. A location where you get to discover the most authentic Milan.


Via Lorenzini, 14

Torre - Fondazione Prada

We know that the combination of art and cuisine is a must for current trends. And what better destination for a corporate dinner than the restaurant on the top floor of the Torre di Fondazione Prada? With an amazing and unusual view of the Milanese skyline and the design of Rem Koolhaas, the gastronomic menu is of the highest standard. The regional-inspired cuisine of chef Fabio Cucchelli brings the aromas and flavors of their countries of origin to the table, in a color rotation typical of the temporary exhibitions set up in the museum. And to end the evening, let yourself be enraptured by the lights of the drink counter, which at first glance seem to float between the roofs of the city.


Via Piero della Francesca, 74

Iyo - Milano

If the theme of your business dinner is “a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun,” the place you are looking for is IYO, a Japanese hotel just a few steps from the Arco della Pace. A “floating world,” as the Japanese name of the location implies, where West and East meet, giving life to a rich explosion of flavors. Under the expert guidance of Michele Biassoni, a chef who is both whimsical and respectful of tradition, the best raw and cooked fish is served alongside international ingredients. The plant decor, use of contrasting materials and cascades of light with a simple and linear design will be the perfect setting for your tour around the world, starting right from Japan.


Piazza Risorgimento, 2/A

Filippo La Mantia Oste Cuoco

When the desire for a Sicilian flavor profile calls, Filippo La Mantia’s restaurant does not disappoint. A welcoming location designed by the architect Piero Lissoni, where you can dine at home, surrounded by author’s photographs, iconographic books and earthy palettes. Among the numerous and delicious courses, the menu is characterized by the crispy panelle, fragrant fish couscous and caponata of fresh vegetables. It’s a hymn to the veracity of an Italian region that will offer you the best of the land and the sea, all within the course of a meal.


Via Savona, 10

Langosteria 10

If Milan has the best fish market in Northern Italy, a business dinner based on fish is a must. Enrico Buonocore, owner of the famous Langosteria brand, will welcome you in with his Milanese cuisine. This is the ideal place to enjoy all the sea has to offer, where exposed beams, velvet sofas and a large counter with catch of the day guarantee a sweet escape from the chaotic city. Let yourself be overwhelmed by the smells carried by an imaginary sea breeze and taste the delicacies of the house such as king crab, mixed raw and fresh pasta.  Accompany it all with a bottle of well-chilled wine. Ça va sans dire.


Via Brisa, 15

Ristorante La Brisa

In the heart of the historic center of Milan, La Brisa is a small treasure chest with a secret garden, where you can dine surrounded by the tranquility of a street that overlooks the remains of an ancient Roman palace. Inside, wood, glass and metals intertwine to create an elegant atmosphere. The kitchen’s menu follows along with the seasons. Here it’s all about playing with traditional Lombard recipes,but reworked in a contemporary key. A table on the veranda will be the perfect setting for your meal, overlooking a secret Milan, where green spaces are not just an illusion.


Piazza Belgioioso, 2


A 100% Milanese spot, where the scent of a steaming dish of ossobuco and yellow risotto will pinch your sense of smell as soon as you enter the fabulous location of the historic Boeucc. Here, crystal chandeliers, columns and sumptuous rooms will win over the eyes of your colleagues. You’re invited to take a seat at a table that’s been prepared with wisdom for over a hundred years. Brought to success by Paolo Brioschi and today managed by his daughter Monica with her husband Marco, the Boeucc boasts a centuries-old tradition that is reflected in the dishes faithful to the Milanese culinary history, in form and substance. And here’s a tip for privacy at your dinner. Reserve the Sala dei Pittori, where paintings and historical prints will be the backdrop to your evening.


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