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PanEVO – The Westin Palace Milan

Well-being in every plate: Simple. Fresh. Italian.

By laws of nature delicate floral scents don’t last forever, but the closure of the blossoming Terrazza PanEVO in the splendid Westin Palace Milan come autumn shouldn’t upset you – as the saying goes, every end is a new beginning. In our case, we are welcoming with pleasure the reopening of the PanEVO restaurant – thriving, dynamic, international – and, as always, confidently surfing right on top of the raging wave of Milanese cosmopolitan lifestyle.


The restaurant takes us on a seemingly familiar yet captivating journey back to the roots – or rather, to the sunlit, fertile Italian soil. What comes to mind first? Of course, bread (it. ‘pane’) and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, combined becoming… PanEVO! Not only will they have a privileged place on your table, they also represent an alluring metaphor for a deeper concept: perfection in simplicity. Every detail of traditional Italian flavors is refined, obtaining healthier, lighter versions of the classics. Having special menus for every occasion, adapted to vegetarian and gluten free diets, PanEVO takes us beyond, discovering the best healthy and tasty recipes based on genuine ingredients. After all, eating well is fundamental in the 360-degree experience, a hallmark of the impeccable Westin hospitality.

PanEvo | Westin Palace Milan - Pranzo

The beating heart of PanEVO (open for breakfast and dinner, while lunches are served in the magnificent adjacent Louge Bar) is its amazing chef: profoundly in love with flavours of the Mediterranean, every morning Augusto Tombolato hand picks seasonal ingredients of the highest quality, to carefully bring out the best in them with the most suitable ways of cooking. To achieve his perfect version of ‘Italianity’ he travels all over the world discovering new original flavors, and it’s admirable how relevant he is in balancing the mix between tradition and modernity, revisited every day to surprise his guests with his next proposals.

PanEvo | Westin Palace Milan

The «feel» of the restaurant has a mirror-like reflection in its interior, where wood – a warm and reliable material of tradition – is given a modern edge combined with sleek and minimal elements (such as the designer lamps by Achille Castiglioni) for a comfortable yet special feeling – that of being truly welcome, taken to another level by the restaurant’s kind-hearted and gentle staff. This place is perfect for a business dinner with colleagues from all corners of the globe, but after that, your biggest desire will be to return in the company of someone very special, sharing this gourmet experience that is so authentically Italian.

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