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The Best Artisanal Ice Cream Parlours in Milan

How to savor the summer weekends while enjoying the best gelato in town

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Talking about gelato is like talking about football: two timeless, traditional Italian passions that the world desires. Both gelato and football keep us company through every season all year long. When we talk about football, we feel like we should be the coach, and by the end of the game, we always know best who should have played or which player should have gone out first. We talk about gelato in the same way, feeling as though we are all connoisseurs of ice cream. Each of us thinks that we know the best gelato flavor and the best gelato shop. But beware! There’s always a different answer depending on the person! We are Italian, and we love to contradict each other!

However, gelato has become a delicate subject, especially in Milan, as it’s becoming harder to say which shop has the best artisan gelato. Some have an international clientele, maintain a classic Italian image, combine music and gelato, are renowned for their specialty flavors, offer gelato for vegans and lactose intolerants, and propose traditional tastes from their pastry shop.

It’s difficult to try them all, even for a sweet tooth like me who has loved authentic Italian gelato from childhood through to adulthood.Below, among great classics and new spots, here is our “ranking” of the best artisan gelato shops in Milan.


Via Pestalozzi, 4

Le gelaterie artigianali migliori di Milano

Enjoy an orchestra of ice cream flavors for even the pickiest of palates at La Gelateria della Musica. With music booming in the background, painted on the walls, and inside you, the flavors of gelato here reflect the melodic theme.


Via Castelvestro, 18

Il Massimo del Gelato - Piazza Risorgimento

Here, you’ll know what it means to be ”spoiled for choice.” The display counter is a triumph of colors and flavors, from fruity to creamy to the most complex. The chocolate here is one of its strong points and comes in 10 different variations.


Piazza Luigi di Savoia ang. via Pergolesi

Le gelaterie artigianali migliori di Milano

The classic flavors are their trademark, followed by a wide selection of other unforgettable Sicilian delicacies, granitas, and brioches. A must in the Milanese capital since 1937, their slogan is, not surprisingly, “Sartori Gelati, Superior.” Don’t be scared of the line; it will be worth the wait.


Via Pergolesi, 3

La Bottega del Gelato - Coppette

It was 1964 when Giunetto Cardelli, a real Tuscan, opened La Bottega del Gelato. Since then, with over 50 years of experience under his belt, it has become an institution in Milan. Here, traditions go hand in hand with bold experimentation.


Via Adda, 3

Gelateria Paganelli - Canada

Recognized as one of the best gelato shops in Italy, Gelateria Paganelli is the epitome of quality. Here, classic flavors are accompanied by more unusual ones, like the salted pistachio!


Via Spadari, 13

Le gelaterie artigianali migliori di Milano

With no artificial or natural additives, this gelato is creamy, perfectly dense, chilled, and has an authentic flavor. Also (and this is no small detail), it is light and easily digestible, even for lactose intolerants.


Corso Garibaldi, 111

Le gelaterie artigianali migliori di Milano

Feel like you’re in Sicily, even if you’re stuck in Milan, at Don Peppinu (ex Tasta). Here, you can discover original flavors and exceptional raw ingredients from the Italian island.


Largo Remo Rabellotti, 16

Gelateria GelaMi - Coppetta Strafondente e Banana al Cioccolato

With both mild and bold flavors, and both light and creamy textures, at GelaMi, opposites attract. The gelato here is all-natural and prepared with little sugar. Their good-for-you proposals will make any vegan, vegetarian, and sorbet lover feel at home.


Via Marghera, 33

Le gelaterie artigianali migliori di Milano

Although gelato is their signature dish, Gelateria Marghera has expanded in recent years to include delicious gelato cakes and “after dinner” desserts on their menu.


Via San Gregorio, 17

Le gelaterie artigianali migliori di Milano

The cornerstones of Gelato Giusto are gelato made fresh daily, natural ingredients, high-quality milk, fresh seasonal fruit. In short, the excellent quality and an equally authentic atmosphere will make you feel at home.


Via Dogana, 1

Le gelaterie artigianali migliori di Milano

Backed by thirty years of experience and a team of master gelato makers, Artico Gelateria is continuously experimenting with new flavorful combinations to transform tradition into culinary artistry.


Corso Indipendenza, 20

Le gelaterie artigianali migliori di Milano

Bronte pistachio, hazelnut, and ricotta cheese with chocolate are some of the legendary flavors at Giova. Until recently, this gelato shop operated in a 3 square meter room, but recently changed its look after a major renovation, all without sacrificing their renowned quality!


Via Cola di Rienzo, 2

Le gelaterie artigianali migliori di Milano

Rigoletto was the star of Expo 2015 as the official gelato shop of the Italian Pavilion. Since 1997, this venue has served artisan gelato, using recipes that call for carefully selected authentic ingredients. Here, chocolate reigns supreme as the king of the display counter.


Via Cesare Battisti, 21

Le gelaterie artigianali migliori di Milano

The creations at this award-winning pastry shop are delicious. Pavé’s gelato and granitas are inspired by the delightful recipes that made them famous throughout Italy, celebrating the values of quality, craftsmanship, and seasonality with grace.


Via Benedetto Varchi, 4

Le gelaterie artigianali migliori di Milano

The flavors of Misciolgo Gelaterie gelato follow the course of the seasons. The fruit here (in the form of gelato) gives the creamy chocolate a run for its money, as it’s available in multiple different variations. Lovers of Sicilian granita will also find something they love!


Viale Col di Lana, 2

Le gelaterie artigianali migliori di Milano

La Romana, a brand that boasts numerous bars throughout Italy, has landed in the heart of Milan and offers an outstanding taste experience with gelato made fresh every day. The flavors are authentic, with dairy-free variations for lactose intolerants.


Via Turati, 30

Le gelaterie artigianali migliori di Milano

Check this place out for a healthy, tasty gelato made with only the finest selected raw ingredients, fresh milk, and lots of seasonal fruit. Pistachio, dark chocolate, hazelnut, buonbiscotto, stracciatella, and yogurt, together with fruity flavors, are Biancolatte’s specialties.


Viale Monte Nero, 46

Le gelaterie artigianali migliori di Milano

Officine del Gelato brings a breath of fresh air to Viale Monte Nero 46. The ingredients used to prepare the gelato are all carefully selected and in season, and the fruit flavors are a burst of authentic flavor.


Piazzale Martini, 1

Le gelaterie artigianali migliori di Milano

The name of this place was chosen to evoke the authenticity and freshness that you can taste and enjoy in their products. Gelateria Melaverde, today with several stores in the Milanese capital, is the land of natural, high-quality raw ingredients.


Viale Coni Zugna, 54

Le gelaterie artigianali migliori di Milano

The bright rooms and furniture evoke ancient Rome, as the name itself suggests an aura of grandeur. Their philosophy here is simple: the highest quality raw ingredients and 100% natural gelato without the use of any processed products.


Corso di Porta Vittoria, 42

Le gelaterie artigianali migliori di Milano

If you see a colorful Volkswagen van, you’re in the right place. Verde Pistacchio’s gelato and cakes are prepared with top-quality ingredients in creative combinations, yielding new tastes and flavors to discover!