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Top 10 cocktail bars in Porta Venezia district

Our favourite places for a great cocktail in Porta Venezia district

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Porta Venezia is undoubtedly one of the most eclectic and sought after districts of Milan: art galleries, large green areas, irresistible fashion shops and iconic Art Nouveau architecture. In its bohemian spirit, this area also offers unique bars, true temples of Mixology, places ideal to run away from chaos and the daily routine.

Historic institutions in Milan, speakeasy and unusual locations, here are our 10 favorite cocktail bars in this awesome area:


Via Panfilo Castaldi, 25

The name of the cocktail bar is a tribute to the London district where Ennio, the owner, became passionate about the world of mixology. The warm and enveloping atmosphere evokes this British origins with dark walls and elegant furniture recalling the old but very busy pubs of the English capital. The drink list is unique: signature cocktails prepared following original recipes with over 200 top labels of vodka, rum, persistent whiskey and fragrant gin. If you visit during the time of the aperitivo, you must try their cold cuts boards filled with the best Italian cured meats and cheeses.


Via Panfilo Castaldi, 35

Participating in the lively food & drink scene of Porta Venezia since April 2023, Elite is the newborn project of the exuberant entrepreneurs Ennio Lettera (owner of Kilburn) and Alessio di Falco. This elegant cocktail bar with Mediterranean Sushi for tasting was born under a good star, dividing with the near “brother”, just a few steps away, the excellence of a fine and original drink list. Wine is banned, with the exception of some fine Champagne labels. The delicate seafood proposal that is the distinctive feature, with its freshness, of the restaurant’s menu, will be accompanied by the refined cocktails designed by Ennio and Alessio. Like those behind the counter, the kitchen staff surprises with a selection of sushi bites inspired by Kilburn cocktails, bringing to the aperitif table a happy marriage between high quality and attention to the aesthetics.


Secret address

I 10 migliori cocktail bar in Porta Venezia - 1930

So now you know it is located around Porta Venezia, can you find out the exact position of this speakeasy, part of the Mag Cafè group? Inside unique pieces of furniture speak of another era: globes, armchairs and velvet sofas, coupled with the notes coming from the piano, warm up the atmosphere and make you jump directly into the ’30s of the American prohibition. A map as menu, printed on leather with dreamlike cocktails. Only the most attentive ones will have access to the city’s most famous secret bar and drink the elaborate cocktails, served with skilful staff, always available to guide you in this exclusive experience.


Via Alfredo Cappellini, 25

I Migliori Cocktail Analcolici da provare a Milano e Dintorni

A place that catalyzes the eye and wins for its dishes and cocktails. Moebius boasts an ever evolving drink list within which preparation, thought and mixing follow the seasonality of products, combined with each other in original and unexpected formulas. Some examples? Beetroot with horseradish, coffee with passion fruit or cuttlefish ink together with lemon and maracuja. These proposals reflect the bar’s soul, simple and refined. Moebius, however, is not only a cocktail bar, it is also a bistro and vinyl shop, a unique place and undoubtedly one of the best and unmissable cocktail bars in Milan.


Viale Piave, 1 

I 10 migliori cocktail bar in Porta Venezia - Nottingham Forest

Listed for years on the top 50 world’s best bars (from 2007 to 2016) and one of the first in town to experiment with molecular drinks, it does not need much of an introduction: its fame precedes it. A true mecca of drinking for connoisseurs, the place has a fusion and atypical style, with a decor mixing oriental objects, Caribbean souvenirs and African relics. On the shelves you can find more than 2000 bottles able to satisfy any request. Cocktails prepared following the most innovative techniques. But the real signature of Nottingham Forest is the cocktail presentations, truly unique in their kind. The drink list so vast, it may leave the newcomers overwhelmed. Do not worry, the staff can guide you in choosing what, most likely, will become your new favorite cocktail.


Via Marcello Malpighi, 7

I 10 migliori cocktail bar in Porta Venezia - Eppol

A mix of modernity and antique furniture between marble, dark wood and exposed bricks in one of the most beautiful Art Nouveau streets of the city. Their cocktail list is as balanced as the ambient of the place, although the real focus here is on the content of your glass. Drinks are made with spirits from all over the globe, all displayed neatly behind the counter. Match them with the food proposals for the aperitivo.


Via Melzo, 28


Eppolino is the perfect spot in Porta Venezia to experience a surprising blend between high level mixology and Mexican cuisine. Cocktails accompany the palate to discover new ingredients and tastes, in a symphony of Tequila and Mezcal that is able to transport you from Porta Venezia to Latin America in a single sip. A sophisticated sign where you can be conquered by a constantly evolving proposal, the perfect combination of aesthetics, experimentation and taste.


Via Lecco, 4

Don’t let the name fool you. Eppol Pie pays homage to the famous American apple pie but the atmosphere inside evokes the refined and dreamy beauty of Paris. Upon entering you will be immediately surrounded by a special atmosphere of French inspiration in which colorful flowers, a wall of leaves, a ceiling garden, wicker tables and chairs with a retro taste give the same precious sensations of listening to your favorite song, especially at the end of the day, sipping a great cocktail. A lovely place to get lost for an aperitif or after dinner.


Piazza Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Christian Lodi’s Lounge, in the heart of Città Studi and a few meters from Porta Venezia, is a refined retreat for mixology lovers, an elegant and retro-chic atmosphere where you can relax while sipping a drink. Milord has also recently inaugurated its basement; vintage furniture, a pool table and the opportunity to enjoy your drink comfortably seated on sofas make it the ideal location for events with the right privacy. The real soul of the bar hides behind the counter: research, quality of raw materials and total dedication to the customer are essential laws, dictates for expert bartenders who offer delicious blends based on classic and unusual ingredients, day by day. The cocktail bar also offers popular drinks such as Spritz and a selection of sparkling wines, including some labels of champagne.


Via Plinio, 39

I 10 migliori cocktail bar in Porta Venezia - Bar Basso

In 1968 the fortunate encounter between sparkling wine, Campari Bitter and red vermouth created the Negroni Sbagliato, the famous invention of this historic bar of the city since the 40s. The Bar Basso is one of those places with a vintage flavor, a mecca for those who really care about the history of cocktails. A meeting point for artists and creatives over the years, and even today, after a few generations, it is still the perfect cocktail bar to immerse yourself in the spirit of the Old Milan, with its traditional interiors and the historic bright red banner. Here the aperitivo is offered according to tradition: drinks accompanied by peanuts, olives and chips just to whet your appetite. A real must in the city.

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