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Mother’s Day HOW-TO

Quality time is the most precious gift you can give: here are our tips for celebrating May 12th in Milan!

Will I be able to go to the florist? Will your friend remember the lipstick brand she told me about last month? These questions – as Mother ‘s Day  approaches  – crowd the minds of all the children of the world. Because she is the woman with whom we have undoubtedly discussed the most, but she is also the one we really cannot do without.

It’s outdated advice, we know it: but for this year, save yourself the rush for the shops of the day before, and  donate your time.  Time does not return to the store, nor is it lost, but it creates indelible memories, and the recipient of the gift will be enthusiastic about it.

We thought about  different types of mothers , and we identified itineraries and ideas to spend a day together, to spoil her, pamper her, or simply have the opportunity to enjoy her company, in relaxing and stimulating contexts.

Whether you love taking care of yourself with a manicure or in a SPA, who is more shopaholic than you, who appreciates good food (with a special proposal for the sweet tooth!) Or art,  in Milan there is something for all!


Festa della Mamma How To - Milano

Whatever your program for Mother’s Day, it is forbidden to start the day without a good breakfast. Cappuccini and croissants, dry biscuits, a slice of panettone: for what many call “the most important meal of the day”, we choose  Cucchi Pastry . If the weather is mild, take a seat in the terrace, and – between a chat and another – you will observe the city waking up in one of its nerve and historical points. If you love planning, and the evening includes a family dinner, you are doubly in the right place. Every anniversary has its own special dessert, and – when it doesn’t exist – from Cucchi they create it:  the cake they studied for Mother’s Day  it’s like a declaration of love to all mothers in the world.Rosa, garnished with flowers and meringues, contains  a light milk chocolate cream and cocoa biscuit, and a mango creamy heart on a crunchy base . It is the kind of dessert that causes “oh” generals once it is brought to the table, and – without going around it – a pink cake is the most instagrammable there is!


Festa della Mamma How To - Milano

In the US-made TV shows, it   seems that girls do not engage in any other activity: but even in Milan, manicures are enjoying some success. It will be because it is a beauty activity to be shared, during which you chat and choose each other’s enamel, sitting side by side on two armchairs. So what are you waiting for? Make an appointment for two, it will certainly be appreciated! Choose Bahama Mama  because it is not only a nail bar, but an authentic beauty concept store: we like it for the music, the beautiful magazines available to customers and the corner dedicated to vintage clothing. Milan nail polish  in turn it represents excellence: the environment is colonial, and the idea that is conveyed is a sophisticated and minimal luxury, where you can relax between leather armchairs and well-kept vegetation. Start with the violet tea, offered to customers, and then dedicate yourself to choosing the color: at Violette the treatments are personalized, and the pastel colored armchairs invite you to think about nothing more than to enjoy the manicure.  


Festa della Mamma How To - Milano

It is the relaxing moment par excellence, and many decide to spend the most important anniversaries here: that’s why it lends itself perfectly to a day with mom relaxing. Sauna and massages, face and body treatments capable of regenerating, offer the opportunity to spend a day, or just a few hours, between mother and daughter. Choose the  Shiseido SPA , on the sixth floor of the Excelsior Hotel Gallia to experience a regenerating sensory experience, which is developed around the Japanese concept of Omotenashi. Or, the  Grand SPA  of Palazzo Parigi allows an immersion in the well-being between art and elegance, where the body is purified, and the mind freed. For those who want a fairytale atmosphere, our advice is the SPA Amore e Psiche , charming oasis of relaxation at the Chateau Monfort hotel. Book an ad hoc route, take care of your special guest: they will be precious moments to spend together!


Festa della Mamma How To - Milano

Nothing allows us to go back in time as much as going out shopping with mom: the memories of when we wore the first heels, or bought a dress (which certainly now – just looking at it – makes us shiver) for an occasion special are wasted. We thought of boutiques capable of interpreting women’s style in a transversal way; like  La Tenda , a shop suspended between art and the best conception of  ready-to-wear clothing , or  Tearose , for those who love to dream, between fashion and design, or even  BezPen , where the strong identity imprinted by the owner is flanked by special creations crocheted, and  Wait And See  for those who prefer eclecticism.Among the first purchases that you have certainly made with your mother, there are certainly cosmetic products: to recall them, we recommend a tour at  Miin Cosmetics  for products dedicated to skincare, and  LauBeauty , a temple of organic and green make-up.


Festa della Mamma How To - Milano

An afternoon dedicated to art is always a good idea: it allows you to ask yourself questions, and, stimulated by art, you often face neglected topics. If the idea intrigues you, we recommend spending time at the Prada Foundation. The reasons are many: it is a place where contemporary art  is fathomed and investigated, where inspiration and ideas are sought. It’s not just about art, because here they love the connections and references that it has with  cinema, literature and philosophy . In particular, dedicate yourself to  Atlas , the permanent project that develops along the six floors of the building, putting in place dialogues and clashes, and stimulating reflections in visitors.


Festa della Mamma How To - Milano

Once Sunday lunch was the most important of the week: whether you celebrate Mother’s Day on May 12, or you manage to cut out your time in the week, our suggestion is to invite her out for lunch. Not only to exempt her from the stove, but also to enjoy – weather permitting – a few hours in the open air, or in a location that will take her back in time. Located inside Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi, the  Salumaio di Montenapoleone  is a historic place, loved by the Milanese since 1957: choose it for the Renaissance setting that surrounds the elegant outdoor area, and for traditional cuisine. Another perfect address for the days of May:  Paper Moon Giardino , a quiet corner where you can enjoy fish dishes, between the very Britishlawn   and the neoclassical statues that define the outdoor area. But you know, May is unpredictable: for those who prefer to have lunch indoors, our choice is  Risoelatte , where the kitchen is home-made, and the furnishings are very faithful to that of the 60s houses.

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