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Where to find the perfect perfume for you

Exclusive perfume shops to fall in love with at the first moment

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You come to a perfume store strolling among isles of shiny, perfectly aligned bottles. Undecided, you pick one, than another but somehow they all smell painfully alike, always very strong with no trace of delicacy or complexity, and it makes you wonder if all people’s personalities really are that plain and uniform.

When was the last time you gave a person a greeting kiss on the cheek and wanted to linger more exploring the perfection you have just inhaled, so subtle that you breathe deeper and still feel it slipping away? When did perfume stop being a story to tell, a memory that words are not enough to express? The answer is that those unique creations of their kind are masterpieces of artistic perfumery and are still out there, today more than ever. But only the most daring of dreamers can discover them. Will you discover them with us?

50 ml

Viale Monte Nero, 16

50 ML - Milano

50 ml is an exclusive boutique behind Porta Romana where you will find the best brands of artistic perfumery and exclusive skincare labels. The owners know perfectly every single product and will guide you towards the best choice for your needs. The name 50 ml refers to the reduced size of the bottles, to allow you to make more varied purchases and  to express the different facets of your style and your personality with different fragrances. Going to 50 ml means experimenting with something new, knowing the best brands in the industry, innovative products and discovering one side of the niche perfumery you’ve never seen before.

Profumeria Mazzolari

Corso Monforte, 2

Dove comprare il profumo perfetto - Mazzolari

To which lengths would you go to relive moments of the past? Profumeria Mazzolari, created by Augusto Mazzolari in 1966 has been giving its visitors the most memorable experiences, like a wonderland emerging from a distant time. Everything is possibl in here: as if by magic, the rarest and most matchless scents from all over the world will appear in front of you. You only have to ask. And just like that, with the help of their perfumery professionals, your brief descriptions of thoughts and desires will turn into a perfume bottle that will become a hallmark of your signature style for years to come.

Tearose Boutique

Via Croce Rossa, 2

Dove comprare il profumo perfetto - Tearose Boutique

Tearose Boutique is a lively, chic concept store ideated by artist and trendsetter Alessandra Rovati Vitali where natural light, subtle flower scents, couture clothes and, of course, carefully selected bottles of perfume mix together in a unique experience destined to inspire your fantasies. Whether it be deeply intimate essences by Diptyque or the flamboyant upscale extravagances of Diana Vreeland, exploring them you will feel all dressed up in love.

Avery Perfume Gallery

Galleria del Corso, 4

Avery Perfume Gallery - Excelsior

Perfume is an art and every art deserves a gallery. At Avery, placed between Duomo and Corso Como, the latest artistic perfumery creations from New York unite with nordic, natural and exotic scents to bring to the next level the concept of personal perfume. Avery is like a modern art gallery, where every artwork is a one-of-a-kind, edgy, daring, experimental scent. Explore the strong character of the five Avery perfumes or discover one of the many brands that you will find on their shelves.

Zhor Parfums

Via Marco Formentini, 2

Dove comprare il profumo perfetto - Zhor Parfumes

Zhor, in the vibrant heart of Brera, exudes an unapologetic Middle-Eastern luxury, the kind where gold finishings are obligatory and there’s plenty of inestimable treasures. But not all pleasures are material: olfactory hedonism here is satisfied with impeccable taste by true connoisseurs of their art. Get lost in the inebriant richness of spices, deep wooden aromas, and ancient aphrodisiacs. Just an hour here will spark the desire to be enchanted for one thousand and one nights.

Ylang Ylang

 Via Ausonio, 16

Dove comprare il profumo perfetto - Ylang

This fragrance boutique and beauty center has an atmosphere of warmth and hospitality, and a vibe of uncompromising elegant beauty. Once opened the door of this lovely shop not far from the Darsena, any of your requests will be cared for with professionalism and attention to detail. Pick a niche fragrance from the international selection that goes hand in hand with your personality, or a scented candle to brighten up your home, or some special cutting-edge beauty product. It will feel like a women’s club where trust is the keyword, and you know that your girlfriends always have your back.


Via Brera, 2

Dove comprare il profumo perfetto - Campomarzio 70

This elegant and discreet flagship store of Campomarzio70 says a lot with its imposing interiors, velvet designer chairs and two preciously decorated floors. Here you will find one of the most sought-after perfume selections in Milan. Explore it slowly, drinking champagne while members of the very well-informed staff make their suggestions in more than one language. Don’t miss the scents by the British Roja Dove, one of the best, most provocative and expensive brands in the world, whose creation are distributed in Italy exclusively by Campomarzio70.

Pérfume by Calé

Corso Magenta, 22

Dove comprare il profumo perfetto - Perfume Cale

Pérfume by Calé is not simply a boutique: it’s a whole olfactory world, where spaces devoted to precious elixirs are organized by shades of color, an area is totally devoted to body care solutions, there’s an intimate corner for candles and perfume literature, as well as a special selection for men’s grooming. The devoted staff will not let you escape the charm of both the refined classics and the daring creations of younger and promising brands. They will do everything to help you sense, discover, learn and make you find your perfect scent!

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