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Caffè Mulassano

A precious location that preserves the aristocratic allure of the past

How wonderful, with such goodness. Imagine finding the old treasure chest of grandmother’s most prized possessions and dipping into it: that is Caffè Mulassano, a real Sabaudo bar where it has been said the tramezzino was invented.

It is a story from the beginning of the century that is still told in the boiseries and wooden walls covered with mirrors of this cafe: that of the sandwich, its inventors and how they have given the Turin people the ideal snack from America. It seems that from overseas Angela and Onorino Nebiolo had brought with them a particular machine that could toast bread. To restore vigor to the business of the restaurant, they looked for new proposals to accompany the aperitif: this is how toast first appeared in Turin.

Caffè Mulassano - Torino

Although, that same soft bread was used without roasting to create tasty sandwiches -and so the sandwich was born. Needless to say that the local decline that was living resumed vigor and established itself in all its splendor that we can still admire today. Famous names have passed through these walls, also immortalized by the films of Mario Soldati and Dario Argento.

Caffè Mulassano - Torino

Caffè Mulassano is ideal for a mid-day snack, with one of the legendary sandwiches. If you do not see them exposed, do not worry because they will be prepared at the moment, satisfying all your requests. Absolutely try the one with smoked goose breast or the one with traditional anchovies. If you also have time for an aperitif, you can indulge by tasting all the possible variations that this coffee can offer you: needless to say that it would be appropriate to enjoy it all with a classic vermouth, in this case, the one produced by Mulassano.

Caffè Mulassano - Torino

Even the desserts are respected and include fragrant croissants, brioches, sfogliatelle and everything you could want for a truly royal breakfast. If you are fond of an afternoon snack, Mulassano pampers you with a tea break offering a variety of infusions as well as hot chocolates and the ever-present bicerin.

Among Mulassano’s historic cafés it is certainly an essential stop, so you can tell your friendsì that you have eaten a sandwich right there where they invented it.

We can't. That's why every week we share the best experiences turin has to offer.

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