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Agriturismo Polisena

The other kind of agritourism: organic, local, and as charming as heaven

You are “one step from heaven”, or to be more precise, on top of the Pontida hills, at 333 via Ca’ di Maggio. Lost among rows of grapevines and woods of the Val San Martino, your gaze will space on the hills surrounding Bergamo. And if besides nature, you also happen to like luxurious houses, this is the place for you. Ready to dream? You are at Polisena, the other kind of agritourism.

Agriturismo Polisena

Why “other kind”, you might be wondering. “Other kind” is the Locatelli family’s way of “making agritourism”. The patron family of the Polisena, other than proprietor of the Tosca winery from the early 2000, makes its care for detail and their high-end professional service the focus of their business, a service that really makes you feel at home. Their hospitality, simply flawless, is accompanied by a strong connection to the land and the historical origins of the building, initially a monastery, back in the 1700s, and a farm from then on. The Polisena agritourism was born again in the October of 2011 after a long period of restoration of the ancient Lombard farmstead. A perfect meeting point of direct production and excellent hospitality.

Agriturismo Polisena

The agritourism’s restaurant is managed by the young Chef Francesco Locatelli, who proposes simple meals linked to Bergamo’s tradition, but personally reinvented with a modern twist. From the classic appetizer of cured meats and cheeses, to tripe and vegetables flans, when in season. Among the first courses there are classics such as the “casonsei de la bergamasca” with crispy bacon, sage and Valtorta butter, or fresh pasta and risottos, with vegan options, and fully customizable on demand. Second courses include meat and lake fish, as the season allows. Abundant, but always elegant servings will test your appetite, up until the final course: desserts, mini soft cakes with accompanying sauces, daily sorbets with smoky meringue.

Their mission? Total respect for the environment, seasonal and local ingredients from organic farms and only the best Dop and Igp products that the land has to offer. Their vegetables, sheep meats, flours, fruits, jams and various kinds of honey are self produced by the Locatelli family, while the rest is the result of a detailed local search. A selection of certified national organic labels accompanies the food production of the Tosca family winery.

Polisena is: high-end agritourism – organic and very local – Climahotel certified for it’s environment and people friendly mission. The Locatelli family offers its guests not only a à la carte restaurant with direct cooking, but also charming stays in a dreamy setting (with suites and eco friendly rooms), eco friendly spa, cosmetic and wellness treatments, and a series of offers like winery tastings or guided tours to the Tosca winery itself, to really immerge yourself in this rural and local, but also classy, reality, that with its minimal chic style is sure to stand out as a luxurious stay.

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