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Milan’s most beautiful rooftops for an aperitivo

Which one of these will make you feel on top of the world?!

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Sometimes life can become all about the “same old, same old” and full of mundane errands, which is especially bitter to admit after all the stories of summer adventures are still fresh like they happened yesterday.

Long gone is the lavish habit of parties every night by the pool, and drinking wine for lunch is giving way to boxed meals in the office. When evening hours after a workday seem to slip through your fingers before you even start relaxing, the only desire is to turn back to feeling glamorous, cosmopolitan and luxurious, and prove to yourself and everyone around that #summervibes in Milan are no more charming than those of autumn.

We think it’s done best from the top, rising above the hustle, sipping on the world’s best spirits and reveling in the last mild rays of the sun with all of Milan at your feet. Here is our list of the most sought-after rooftops in town – which one will make you feel on top of the world?


Piazza Duca D’Aosta, 9

Terrazza Gallia


We are at Terrazza Gallia, on the seventh floor of the Excelsior Hotel Gallia, loved by the most famous personalities from all over the world. Here you can climb over the hectic life of the Central Station and observe the whole area of Porta Nuova. At any time of the day, let yourself be accompanied by an excellent cocktail with even an all-day dining service available! If you are here for an aperitif, the drinks cared for by the team of brilliant mixologists will be served with “mini” versions of the menu items. In the restaurant room, furnished in Fendi and B & B Italia to mention just a few names, you can enjoy a lunch or dinner from the Lebano brothers, developed with advisory from Cerea brothers (three Michelin stars). After immersing yourself in this unique environment of timeless luxury, you will be left wondering whether you are on the seventh floor or in the seventh heaven!


Piazza della Repubblica, 13

Radio Rooftop bar - ME Milan il Duca Hotel


On the tenth floor of the hotel ME Milan il Duca there is a unique place in Milan with an international soul, the ambiance of extreme elegance and minimalism, where music vibes go directly to the heart: the Radio Rooftop Bar. A breathtaking view of the area of Porta Nuova – Varesine unfolds as we enter, the right mix of conversations in all the languages of the world and the deep-house in the background, together feel like the recipe of a perfect evening. Let’s add a rich drink menu with fine spirits from all over the world, accompanied by delicious aperitifs, and a small but sophisticated dinner menu, and the rarest ingredient that will make you come back several times: the spectacular sunset.


Via Ceresio, 7

Ceresio 7


The open air, the green, and the attraction of those who know they’ve got it all but are used to keeping it under wraps: Ceresio 7. The city’s skyline, that gradually defines itself with the seasons, is unfolding before you at 360 degrees. We’re in the Monumentale area, inside the project in the historic palazzo Enel, born from the genius of the canadian stylists Dean and Dan Caten – Dsquared 2 – has a basic common theme: creating a unique space, where you’ll feel good and want to hang out. Get enchanted by the skyline having lunch, an aperitif (dinners are served in the adjacent restaurant, with a few outside seats for the summer), or a late-night cocktail by the pool – you’ve conquered the Olympus of Milanese glamour!


Via Aristotile Fioravanti, 6


Set on the top floor of Hotel VIU, there is a wonderful panoramic terrace, overlooking the striking contrasts between historic Milan and its most futuristic districts. At sunset, this location turns into the perfect setting where to enjoy an aperitif, sipping a cocktail by the pool, accompanied by some salty appetizers. Colors and lights reflected on the water will add that romantic touch to your evening, for a suggestive toast.


Via Palestro, 2 



“Inside the Centro Svizzero, open for lunches, aperitifs, dinners and events, the sought after Terrazza Palestro is refined down to the last detail to offer a break to everyone in search for an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The breathtaking view is one of the most fascinating in the city and the menu matches the standard: typically Italian in its ingredients, the selection follows the seasons offering dishes always in line with the colors of nature that paint the park below.”


Via Durini, 28

Terrazza 12 - Photo Credit: Francesco Mion


Inspired by the cool and lively New York, Terrazza 12 in the Brian&Barry building dazzles us with its skyline view, with the centerpiece of Duomo. The latest fashion, trends in mixology and gourmet proposals come together to form an atmosphere that you will immediately embrace. Skillfully blended cocktails with global spirit, as well as pure champagne, will be stars of your aperitif or after dinner drinks and a complement to lunch. A gourmet touch is added by combining your cocktail with a sophisticated sample of finger foods, perfectly in line with the trendy concept of “food pairing”. And if you are craving for a special gourmet experience, go down a floor to the splendid Asola restaurant – chef Matteo Torretta is waiting!


Via Alberico Albricci, 2/4


On the top floor of The Square Hotel, the suggestive panoramic terrace The Roof offers a unique view of the city, to sip a cocktail as “suspended” between the rooftops of Milan’s downtown. Chef Paolo Scaccabarozzi’s dishes will pamper the taste buds and pupils together with an exclusive drink list, including new local combinations, international suggestions and labels and spirits of excellence.


Via Guglielmo Marconi,1 


Overlooking Piazza Duomo and Milan’s Cathedral, Giacomo Arengario’s terrace boasts one of the most exclusive locations to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the city centre. Among Giacomo Bulleri’s properties, this specific terrace gives the charm and timeless elegance of an authentic Milan, where you can enjoy a cocktail mixed to perfection in the company of the most traditional pretzels, touching the sky, or rather the spires of the Duomo, with a finger.


Piazza Cesare Beccaria 

Le terrazze piu belle a Milano per Aperitivo


On the top floor of IH Hotel in the heart of Piazza Cesare Beccaria, SunEleven Rooftop Bar is a magnificent terrace overlooking the Madonnina and the downtown. A jewel suspended between the roofs of the city that binds North European design to the cosmopolitan taste of cities like New York and London, between lights, green plants, pastel colors and LED signs. Here, the aperitif turns into a suggestive gourmet experience, between signature mixology and a delicious selection of tapas.


Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 2



Overlooking Piazza del Duomo, The Dome offers a suggestive view of the beating heart of the city, in a location played on the romantic tones of pink and a reference to the boho chic style. Straw umbrellas, exotic suggestions, lanterns and candles give this terrace a relaxing timeless atmosphere, enriched by a food & drink proposal that combines international cocktails and some special reinterpretations – like the Spritz garnished with a gold leaf, with focaccia and many other proposals of the kitchen, without sacrificing delicious desserts.


Piazza Duomo – Galleria Vittorio Emanuele

Terrazza Aperol


The Duomo square, the queen of Milan, nowadays is so packed with restaurants and bars that making a choice becomes a real challenge. But if you happen to be in the area after 6pm, this is the place to be: Terrazza Aperol! The designer, Antonio Piciulo, captured the very epitome of the perfect cocktail in form, structure and furnishings as shades of orange flow through the space only to emerge onto the amazing terrace. Just like this, with Duomo “at arm’s length”, let’s get this party started!… “One Spritz, please!”


Via Silvio Pellico, 2

Duomo 21


Duomo 21 is another gem in the landscape of the majestic Piazza Duomo, nestled by the arch of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the entrance to it hidden behind a narrow hall hardly noticeable between ground floor showcases of watches and jewelry. Multi-level indoor spaces tastefully decorated in an avant-garde style lead to a spectacular open terrace, perfect for a satisfying after-shopping break with a view among girlfriends, or an after-work drink with colleagues, with absolute protagonists being cocktails and martinis. It’s open all day giving you the chance to admire great panorama on Duomo in all shades of sunlight, which, let’s be honest, one can admire forever.


Via Santa Radegonda, 10

Le terrazze piu belle a Milano per Aperitivo


The rooftop of one of the most famous and cool buildings in the city. Go up to the top floor of the Rinascente, where the Food Hall is located: a paradise of delicacies awaits you and a terrace that looks at the spires of the Duomo, so close that you feel like you could touch them. For your aperitif, you can make a pit stop here choosing some tasty treats from the menu and indulging in the captivating drink list, including international cocktails and contemporary creations.


Piazza Armando Diaz, 7

Terrazza Martini


Years go by, trends change, just like generations change one another, but Terrazza Martini, since its inauguration in 1958, always stays where it was: in Piazza Armando Diaz and among one of the most elegant terraces for a night out in Milan. A minimal environment finished in wood, glass and metal shines with the bright red designer sofas, which recall the familiar red Martini logo. Excellent cocktail aperitifs and gourmet proposals for dinner are combined with probably one of the highest panoramas in Milan from the 15th floor with all three hallmarks of the city in full view – Duomo, Torre Velasca, and Castello Sforzesco.


Viale Emilio Alemagna, 6


On the top floor of Palazzo della Triennale there is a spectacular terrace from which to enjoy a unique view of verdant Sempione Park and the futuristic skyscrapers of Porta Nuova. The contrast between nature and city, design and architecture welcomes a blend of authors, perfect for your aperitif at sunset. Lights, glass and wood combine in an impressive location, where every toast turns into an occasion to celebrate.


Via Giovanni Lorenzini, 14

Le terrazze piu belle a Milano per Aperitivo


In the evocative setting of Fondazione Prada, where art, design, mixology and cuisine blend perfectly, the restaurant and cocktail bar Torre, on the top floor of the structure, offers an unprecedented view of the city. On the inside, labels and spirits of excellence are the protagonists of a drink list capable of surprising taste buds and pupils, perfect for an aperitif to sip on the terrace.

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